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"My husband and I hadn’t planned to buy a home.  We were just out looking for rentals when we were shown a two bedroom unit with a magnificent water view. I knew instantly I wanted to buy this location/view but the unit itself was severely outdated. It needed a complete redesign. I felt I couldn’t make these choices alone- what colors to paint my rooms, which walls to eliminate, how to pick out furniture and accessories. I was clueless and felt overwhelmed with the decisions I had to make.
I am very fortunate that Eve at MALCOLMS INTERIORS, told me "not to worry." She would design and manage my entire renovation. She would make sure my condo was just as I wanted. She would work with me to choose cabinets, bi-folds etc. and make interior selections that would showcase our unit. Eve worked tirelessly; she was creative and full of original ideas and plenty of energy. Hurricane Irma was an unexpected obstacle and Eve worked around the clock making sure that our project would not be unnecessarily delayed .

I am thankful for Eve and MALCOLMS INTERIORS for their continuous support and fantastic ability to make our dream condo a reality."

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan (Euro Reno)

"I would highly recommend the work of MALCOLMS INTERIORS and specifically the owner Eve. Since being in the building industry and design business I can tell you that I have had experience with many builders, architects, project managers and designers. I can tell you that not only is she the best so far as a designer she is the best in all the above. Which is  unique.


This may sound like a sales pitch, but it is truly what we have experienced and witnessed. Specifically, she puts all her energy and creativity into each one of her projects. She is personally involved from the beginning to the end. You can get a hold of her 24/7 which is a miracle nowadays. You can be as involved as you want or you can hand over the whole project to her and not touch anything and you would not be disappointed. The end project would be all that you dreamed it would be."


Linda Demarco (Casa En Blanc)

"Last year, I had the pleasure of working with MALCOLMS INTERIORS on a large local project.  Not only is Eve creative and passionate about her profession, but she is dependable and adheres to schedules. 

Despite her keen and specific sense of design, she is open to suggestions and has great insight into the client’s desires.  Eve has a unique sense of color, shape and texture which she readily transforms into new visual experiences.  She has an innate sense of size and proper placement.  She is always affable, available and makes the design process most engaging for herself and the client.

I would recommend her for any design project without reservation." 

John Paice

"MALCOLMS INTERIORS did a great job with selecting furnishings, paint colors, and installing beautiful flooring for our recently purchased condo. She has a flair for design by choosing furnishings that fit our lifestyle and interests. She especially paid close attention to my daughters design loves of the color yellow and elephants. My daughter was thrilled."


Veronica Robinson

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