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MALCOLMS INTERIORS recognizes that COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s day to day, in one way or another. Our firm also recognizes that the home has been brought to the forefront, as the most important sanctuary for our family's security and comfort.

We are all in the need for healthy, happy and peaceful environments, and a home that feels like home. The desire and need for this has not diminished, but is increasing day by day, as we make our way through this pandemic. 


 Preventative Measures MALCOLMS INTERIORS Team Will Continue to Take

We are following all CDC and IDPH guidelines for COVID-19 in all customer and employee spaces. Employees have been advised to stay home if they are sick until they are symptom-free, we are also regularly cleaning and disinfecting contact surfaces and remain diligent about our community spaces while job sites and locations will remain open, and we are implementing additional dust protection measures if necessary.


Helping Our Health Care Heroes and First Responders Creating Healing Spaces In Their Homes


As a thank you for your continued service MALCOLMS INTERIORS

 is offering a FREE virtual or live design consultation with Eve, for a full walk through for home or office interior design and renovation.


EVE | 331-222-0855

We remain committed to serve you and our community. Stay safe and be well!


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